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Cannot install amsd <packagename>

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Cannot install amsd <packagename>

I am trying install amsd to server DL20 gen10 on Ubuntu 20.04

But couldn't find any package:

# sudo apt-get install amsd_2.1.2-1423.10ubuntu20_amd64.deb :

Screenshot 2021-04-11 at 21.46.07.png

There is a mcp.list:

Screenshot 2021-04-11 at 21.48.05.png

And Ubuntu version:

Screenshot 2021-04-11 at 21.47.34.png

# apt-key update :

Screenshot 2021-04-11 at 21.57.51.png

# apt-key list :

- HPE Public Keys - are installed


Can anybody help me?

Thank you so much.



Re: Cannot install amsd <packagename>

Download Management Component Pack for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS from below link



The HPE Management Component Pack (MCP) for Ubuntu 20.04 is delivered in an apt-cdrom compatible CD-ROM image. 

To verify the authenticity of the downloaded file:

Download both the iso and iso.sig files to a local system
Import the HPE GPG 2048-bit Public Key, (fingerprint: 26C2B797), using the following standard Linux command:
gpg --import
Note: The HPE Public Key,, is available for download from the HPE Software Delivery Repository (SDR): (
Verify the signature by running the standard Linux command:
  gpg --verify  filename.iso.sig filename.iso
If the signature check results in a message similar to the following then the signature is successfully verified:
gpg: Signature made Tue dd mmm yyyy hh:mm:ss AM/PM TZ using RSA key ID 26C2B797
gpg: Good signature from "Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company RSA-2048-25 <>"
Primary key fingerprint: 5744 6EFD E098 E5C9 34B6  9C7D C208 ADDE 26C2 B797
NOTE: If a Key Trust warning displays, refer to instructions on this HPE Linux Signature Verification page for additional information:;WebForm_DoPostBackWithOptions(new WebForm_PostBackOptions("btnSave", "", true, "", "", false, true))
If the signature check results in a message indicating the signature is not valid, then do the following actions:
Download package a second time and verify the signature again.
If the signature is not OK:
Do not deploy the package
Contact HPE Technical Support 


Note: This collection of deliverables is also available as an online apt repository. Information for accessing this repository is available at:

Example /etc/apt/sources.list entry:    
  deb bionic/current non-free

First, make the packages available for install via apt using the apt-cdrom command:

# apt-cdrom add

Once the apt-cdrom command completes successfully, the system will remember what packages are on this CD and apt-get will prompt you to insert this CD when you request a package it contains.

Installing Individual Packages

HP iLO online configuration utility:

Hponcfg is a command line utility that can be used to configure iLO from within the operating system without requiring a reboot of the server. To install the hponcfg package, run:

# apt-get install hponcfg

Agentless Management Service (iLO 5) :

Agentless Management Service (AMSD) provides support for HPE Integrated Lights-Out 5 (HPE iLO 5) Embedded Health and Alerting.

# apt-get install amsd

Smart Storage Administrator (SSA)

If there is an older version of SSA  installed on the system, remove it first. To install the new version run:

apt-get install ssa

Smart Storage Administrator (SSA) CLI 

The Smart Storage Administrator CLI (SSACLI) is a commandline-based disk configuration program that helps you configure, manage, diagnose, and monitor Smart Array Controllers.

apt-get install ssacli

Smart Storage Administrator Diagnostic Utility (SSADU) CLI

The Smart Storage Administrator Diagnostic Utility CLI is a commandline-based disk configuration program for Smart Array Controllers

apt-get install ssaducli 

HPE MegaRAID Storage Administrator StorCLI (storcli)

StorCLI is a command line interface that enables multiple users to perform maintaining, troubleshooting, and configuration functions for the MegaRAID® Gen10 controller products

apt-get install storcli

I am an HPE Employee

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