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Fadia Almarei
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tape drive

Dear All

i have connect dlt tape drive to my linux 9 system (to scsi cable), i want to know if the system can detect the tape drive by itself , else what should i do for that ,wating for your help

Regards Fadia

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Re: tape drive


If you boot your system at the first boot, Linux is designed in a way to detect the hardware and configure accordingly. This is mostly true for all cases where the devices are supported by Linux and you can check the devices supported at

If this doesn't happen, then i would suggest that you check the following

1. Check your hardware vendor's site for Linux drivers and install instructions.

If none of the things listed above work for you, which is highly unlikely, then you can create drivers yourself. Try exploring and search for information on how to build drivers.

Let us know, how things go for you.


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Re: tape drive

I think the kernel has a driver for it and it should get detected by itself !

Why don't you confirm with "lsdev"


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Re: tape drive

Defaultly Linux Machines should autosense and configure the Tape driver into the kernel when it is booting.
You can check whether the tape is configured by using dmesg or seeing /var/log/messages file.
If not you need check with the vendor.
Fadia Almarei
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Re: tape drive

hi all

when i repote my system it detect the scsi tape drive as /dev/st0 , but when i do abcup for a small test file it gives me the following error message
tar: /dev/st0: Wrote only 0 of 10240 bytes
tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now"
what shull i do for that
thanks in advance
Fred Ruffet
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Re: tape drive

Is it a single tape drive, or a library (one drive and multiple tape slots). In this last case, /dev/st0 might be the library device (to mount tape), and there is another device (probably /dev/st1) for the drive.

If it is a single tape drive, have you done a mt -f /dev/st0 load before trying to write on it ?

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Muhammad Asif Anwar
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Re: tape drive

Similar kind of problem where my Linux, after the reinstallation, is unable to detect the DLT tape drive. The drive was working fine before the installation. But after the reinstallation of server, Linux did not detect the DLT tape drive.

Please help.

Regards and thanks,

Fadia Almarei
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Re: tape drive

dear mohammad

my problem was resolved i reboot my system and simply the dlt tape drive was detected , so just reboot your system and to check that it is work ,use
dmesg | grep dlt :and you will see the result
mt -f /dev/st0 status : and you will see that it is work

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Re: tape drive

I am connecting a HP surestore DLT tape library using a SCSI drive. I have installed Redhat linux 9.1. Redhat detects the Drive but not the library. It doesn't detect any DLTs. Kindly help.

Priscilla Vincent