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Ajax TruClient Firfox - "This connection is untrusted"

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Ajax TruClient Firfox - "This connection is untrusted"



I have developed one script on uat environment(url1) and it was working fine. Now, I have to run this script on another environment (url2) but I am getting  "This connection is untrusted" window. I have to add exception for every run.


I have added an exception in Vugen "TruClient General Settings" (by going to "Edit Browser Options -> Encryption Tab -> View Certificates -> Servers Tab").The certificate gets added but seems to require a new script to be started fresh and recorded.  If attempting with an existing script the "this connection is untrusted" window keeps appearing even if the exception/cert has been adde


Is there any workaround for this? I don't want to create a new script with same steps.


Please help.




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Re: Ajax TruClient Firfox - "This connection is untrusted"

Got solution.




The issue is that the cert_override.txt document located at \profiles\interactive needs to be updated when the cert expires and you need a new one.  To avoid re-scripting, open a new TruClient script and establish the certificates there and save the script.  From there open the newly created script with the new certificates and copy the \profiles\interactive\cert_override.txt from that script to your old script.  It should now work properly.  TruClient establishes the certs during the recording, so simply adding them and performing a save as won't work.