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Forms 11g and webutil (local jars)

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Forms 11g and webutil (local jars)



We need to create a test case for an Forms 11g application using the webutil library that carries out native calls such as disk mapping, disk writing, etc. Generally we need jars calling on the client side. When we create this test scenario with NCA and HTML protocols it fails with message "Unsupported Java class: Oracle.forms.webutil.clientInfo.GetClientInfo". NCA + HTML + COM/DCOM fails with message "oracle.forms.webutil.clientInfo.GetClientInfo bean not found. WEBUTIL_CLIENTINFO.GET_SYSTEM_PROPERTY will not work" although the log says that the frmwebutil.jar has been downloaded.


To test this scenario with LoadRunner, the forms demo "Webutil Demo Form" can be used. On the second tab there is a disk write test. The test result can be verified easily by checking the file creation. Our question is (i) whether LoadRunner supports such scenarios and if so (ii) which protocols/settings should be used to create them.


Our environment:


Forms and Reports [32bit]
OS Centos 5.7 [32bit]



JAVA runtime : 1.6



Product Name: HP LoadRunner Software 11.00
Product Version:
Product Build: Build 8859


Any hint appreciated! Thanks,



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Re: Forms 11g and webutil (local jars)

Not sure if this is possible, since this is client side you have to write the function calls and include the .h, or any other library file, there is no way Vugen records this.

Try to get a better understanding of the communication (may not be oracle) and the actual role of those JARS.

keep on mind LoadRunner only record client server communications, any client side activity is not going to be recorded and even if you write the functions, it might not work.