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How to handle HTTPS request?

Occasional Contributor

How to handle HTTPS request?



I am facing one issue in an online application on card payment.

Vugen- 9.1

Browser- IE7


When recording with Socket level setting (port mapping) , After coming on card payment page a pop comes for certificate error. After clicking Yes it populate card details (card no, exp date, cvv). But this request doesn't capture in script.


When recording with Winlet level setting, all card details comes without any popup and an extra request (web_custom_request) comes in script.


But by both option it doesn't run in replay.It shows failed to connect to datacash.

Note- All other request are http and card payment request are HTTPS.


Please suggest the way ahead.

HPE Expert

Re: How to handle HTTPS request?



COuld you please post the detail replay log? You can enable highest level replay option in RTS dialog.



Occasional Advisor

Re: How to handle HTTPS request?

If you record at Winlet level, you ay also need to play back using Winlet! It is an option(checkbox) in your Run-settings if I am not mistaken.

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Re: How to handle HTTPS request?

You're running a very old version of vugen and this is very likely at least one of your problems.  


Vugen v11.52 included a fix that accounted for Microsoft's change to disallow trusting of certificates less than 1024-bits.  Your certificate in v9.x is not compatible with this Microsoft change (KB2661254, I believe) and will not work.  


You need to upgrade.  You want v11.52 patch 1 (which is different from just 11.52).