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Hp Loadrunner Truclient Debug

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Hp Loadrunner Truclient Debug

Hi guys

please help me..it is my fault photos..I couldn't solve this problem since last week..

In the .rar file there was some photos about my project. I recorded it but I can't run.. You will see 7 and 8 photos....

In fact İt must be 7. photos but , when  init option pass to action option it became like 8.photos.  EKYS option on my page isn't seen ..Please help me.I couldn't this problem.. 

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Re: Hp Loadrunner Truclient Debug

Is your application available somewhere so I can have a look?


Also, if you are using any proxy, please remove it, it may cause caching issue, and try to check/uncheck "Simulate new user on each iteration"

Re: Hp Loadrunner Truclient Debug

I used default proxy setting and no-check  use a new user on each iteration and it worked :) thank you  



but then I converted it to webhtmlhttp and I replay it :) It didn't work.

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Re: Hp Loadrunner Truclient Debug

[ Edited ]

http/html protocol may have some dynamic values which need to be correlated, please try to correlate if any. You can use Design Studio for the correlation.