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Issue with Controler and Sybase

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Issue with Controler and Sybase



I'm using Loadrunner to test a client/server sybase appilcation.


I can record a scenario with VUGEN, without any trouble.


But when I test my scenario I received these errors :


vuser_init.c(15): lrd.c/fjInitDB: None of the libraries specified in section [CTLIB_WINNT] in the "lrd.ini" file could be loaded.  Initializing for CTLIB failed

vuser_init.c(15): lrd_open_connection: ERROR, return-code=LRDE2012


In the section [CTLIB_WINNT] there is a dll



This dll exist in C:\Program Files\HP\LoadRunner\bin


Do you have any idea ?

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Re: Issue with Controler and Sybase



The probably reason of the issue in fact that Sybase’s binaries are not accessed while replay. Please make sure that Sybase clients binaries are accessible while replay as well as while record stage.


Thanks, Dmitry

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Re: Issue with Controler and Sybase

[ Edited ]

Hi Dmitry


When I'm using the option Replay in VUGEN, it's ok.


I wasn't clear enough in my explanation : It's when I try to execute the scenario with the controller that there's an error.


This is what is strange. It's the same sybase client for the Controller and VUGEN and the same machine too.

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Re: Issue with Controler and Sybase



Please escalate to HP official support.


Thanks, Dmitry