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Loadrunner Update - from 11 to 11.5

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Loadrunner Update - from 11 to 11.5

I have managed to get the license key; so that isnt the issue.


On the server I’m going to install this update; I have put as the Host name in the license;


I also have to install this on 7 client machines. Would the same license be used or would I have to do this activation process again for those machines?

Look forward to hearing from you.


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Re: Loadrunner Update - from 11 to 11.5


You need the license for controller only, vugen and LoadGenerator machines doenst need license, if your company purchased 7 controllers then yes you need to do the same process for each, notice that if your company doesnt own the 7 controllers you might be charged for the additional licenses, this depends on how the contract terms are, one same key cannot be activated on multiple machines.


hope this clarifies



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Re: Loadrunner Update - from 11 to 11.5

To keep in view with terms and conditions, I think you should follow instructions at http://h30580.www3.hp.com/poeticWeb/portalintegration/hppWelcome.htm?stepaction=migrateLic&Click=Y