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Loadrunner perpetual licence query

Occasional Advisor

Loadrunner perpetual licence query

For loadrunner with perpetual licence, is it possible to reinstall (LR was uninstalled from the machine)in the same machine without formatting the system.


Occasional Advisor

Re: Loadrunner perpetual licence query


Not sure what you mean by "without formatting the system".

Please be clear.

Honored Contributor

Re: Loadrunner perpetual license query

Did you mean to say:

You have permanent license and you installed LR?


Once you have installed the keys, keys are registered and stored in registry..If you haven't done registry clean-up...new installation of LR can pick up the same keys.


If you have the SAID, you can request the keys from HP license team.

Valued Contributor

Re: Loadrunner perpetual licence query

Yes you can reinstall LR in the same machine. You don't need a new license for the same machine