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Merging web (HTTP/HTML) and Ajax - Click & Script - Possible

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Merging web (HTTP/HTML) and Ajax - Click & Script - Possible

Hi Experts,


I have developed two different business processes - one in Web Http/Html and Other one with Ajax - Click & Script and they run individually fine.

Now I have a situation where I want to run both scenario. As I don't want to create two different scenarios in Controller, so thought of merging two scripts in to two actions in the same script.LookingattheAjaxcodewhichonlyconsistofweb_URLandweb_custom_request, IthoughtofcopyingallactioncodesintonewactioncreatedinmyWeb (HTTP/HTML) scriptshouldwork.

ButwhilerunningIamgettingCcompilationerror - unidentifiedsymbol !! 


Any idea whether is it technically possible to merge both these different type  scripts?

HPE Expert

Re: Merging web (HTTP/HTML) and Ajax - Click & Script - Possible

That will not work, copy paste code from one script to another will break the DOM integrity, besides this, if the code comes from 2 different protocols it is not expected to work.

Hope this helps