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Reading MS Excel 2010 document

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Reading MS Excel 2010 document

Hello Experts, I have a requirement to create a VuGen script which opens an excel file from a shared folder. Reads the content of the file and validates it. 

I am using LR 11.03.


This script is meant to be run by BPM for monitoring purpose. Therefore I cannot use VBScript or VB to launch open the document and read the content as BPM wont render the excel. 


I want to know if there are appropriate MS libraries that I can use in COM/DCOM protocol. Vugen Protocol advisor seemingly did not help.


Appreciate your respones.





Frequent Advisor

Re: Reading MS Excel 2010 document

I haven't done any scripting for BPM, but you should be able to run a Java vuser if all you need to do is open an Excel file and validate the contents?


Have a look at Apache POI for reading and validating Excel files (both .xls and 2007+ .xlsx files):  http://poi.apache.org/spreadsheet/index.html

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Re: Reading MS Excel 2010 document

Thanks Hakan.


Works like a charm on VuGen and running successfully on BPM.