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Recording java applet

Occasional Contributor

Recording java applet

Hi , I am trying to record a java applet in loadrunner . I have tried all the java  and web protocalls , its giving me the error "Could not create Java Virtual machine " while recording although the script is working fine manually .Incresing the heap size also doesnt help.

When i tried with proxy recording nothing is getting captured .

Using winsock I am able to get a script ,but i am unable to parameterize it as i have no idea about socket scripting .


Is winsock my only chance to record  the applet ?


The applet is in java7 and i have laodruner 11.52 anf thr os is widows 7

HPE Expert

Re: Recording java applet


Do you know exactly which protocol is used in your java applet?


If you are sure it's using http, you can go to java configuration in control panel to check whether it has its own proxy settings.

You can also check whether the traffic from java applet can be captured by Fiddler and let me know the result.




Occasional Contributor

Re: Recording java applet

Hi Kert , thanks for the reply  , Yeah i am Sure it is using Http  ,

Moreover i am getting the same error  "Could not create Java Virtual Machine"  For any protocols that i use except Winsock .


There is no proxy setting in the java control settings .


Could this error be in any way related to heap size ?  i tried passing

-Xms256m -Xmx256m -XX:NewSize=64m -XX:MaxNewSize=64m  

in the Additional VM parameters while recording ,Still no good ,i even tried increasing and decreasing the min and max memory values .


That fact that the application works fine manually ,is making me doubt LR .


HPE Expert

Re: Recording java applet


If your java applet uses http, proxy recording should be most promising approach to solve the issue.


You said there's no proxy setting in java control panel. Do you mean "direct connect", or "using browser setting"?


You can do the followign for trouble shooting,

1) use fiddler, check whether fiddler can capture the traffic of applet (if you uses HTTPS, you need to enable "decrypt https" in fiddler option.

2) Try whether you can record IE traffic using proxy recording.