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Text over Https - Guide me please !!!!

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Text over Https - Guide me please !!!!

Hi All

I am trying to use web http/ html protocol to place a text message over https .

Since the UI part is not available, we are supposed to test the backend services before we can get the UI.

Manual testers are using a command prompt utility named"cURL" to place and validate the response

Here is an example

c:\> curl -k --data @C:\test.txt rel:relpas https://dp-xxx/dpada


where curl represents the utlity name
-k --data represents the data to be taken from the file test.txt
rel:relpas represents the username and password
https://dp-xxx/dpada represents the url to which it has to be send

Can anyone tell if there a way I can send it through web http/html protocol

HPE Expert

Re: Text over Https - Guide me please !!!!

Did you try to record cUrl?


You can do it with regular web/http



Re: Text over Https - Guide me please !!!!

It did help , thanks buddy. I have marked it as a solution !!!!