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Truclient-Ajax-IE: Security Warning

Occasional Contributor

Truclient-Ajax-IE: Security Warning



I am trying to use Truclient–Ajax–IE for the first time.


During recording of an application I get these security warnings. "Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely". On these I press “No”. When I do the replay the same warning appears. How do I get rid of these, I cannot find the proper setting.


When I run application outside vugen, these warnings does not occur


vugen 11.52, IE9 (using a proxy)


Regards Steen Lindegaard

Respected Contributor

Re: Truclient-Ajax-IE: Security Warning


You have posted that question on the LoadRunner Feedback forum already.

We will take a look.

Guy Rosenthal
Network Virtualization PM
HPE Expert

Re: Truclient-Ajax-IE: Security Warning

Hi Guy,


I asked Steen to post the question here so that more users will be able to participate in the discussion and benefit from the answer.





Re: Truclient-Ajax-IE: Security Warning

For Firefox TruClient, it creates a seperate profile when creating. So all the certificates normally present in user's Firefox profile is not available while recording. 


Maybe this issue is same as of Firefox?


Re: Truclient-Ajax-IE: Security Warning

Was there ever a solution to this.  I'm having this problem currently.