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Web_submit_data OR web_custom_request doesnt work!

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Web_submit_data OR web_custom_request doesnt work!

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I tried use Fidder and Postman to send a post request, and i get HTTP 201, but when I put these into Loadrunner, using HTTP protocal, and use neither web_submit_data or web_custom_request,  when I wrote Method=POST, it would return http415, but I wrote Method=PUT, it would return http500. dont know why??




int nHttpRetCode;













"Body={\"$xmlns\": \"id\": \"99999952491\",\"updated\": 1340719562000,\"added\": 1340719562000,\"ownerId\": \"http://XXXXX/data/Account/7568814\",\"addedByUserId\": \"http://XXXXX/idm/data/User/mps/7572451\",\"updatedByUserId\": \"http://XXXX/idm/data/User/mps/7572451\",\"di$identityId\": \"T0100075144\",\"di$packageKey\": \"12\",\"di$cn\": \"T0100075144\",\"di$conCert\": \"12\",\"di$conHash\": \"1\",\"di$conKey\": \"1\",\"di$conKeyCtIv\": \"1\",\"di$conKeyPub\": \"1\",\"di$conKeyPubHash\": \"1\",\"di$intCert\": \"1\",\"di$intHash\": \"1\",\"di$intKey\": \"1\",\"di$intKeyCtIv\": \"1\",\"di$intKeyPub\": \"1\",\"di$intKeyPubHash\": \"1\",\"di$taCert\": \"1\",\"di$taKeyPub\": \"1\",\"di$taKeyPubHash\": \"1\",\"di$tdCert\": \"1\",\"di$tdKeyPub\": \"1\",\"di$tdKeyPubHash\": \"1\",\"di$tlsCert\": \"1\",\"di$tlsHash\": \"1\",\"di$tlsKey\": \"1\",\"di$tlsKeyCtIv\": \"1\",\"di$tlsKeyPub\": \"1\",\"di$tlsKeyPubHash\": \"1\",\"di$trustStatusCert\": \"1\",\"di$trustTaCert\": \"1\"};"



nHttpRetCode = web_get_int_property(HTTP_INFO_RETURN_CODE);


if (nHttpRetCode == 200)


lr_log_message("PUT was successful.");

lr_end_transaction("DS_LocationWS_SessionDS2_PUT", LR_PASS);




lr_log_message("PUT was unsuccessful");

lr_end_transaction("DS_LocationWS_SessionDS2_PUT", LR_FAIL);




return 0;




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Re: Web_submit_data OR web_custom_request doesnt work!

You can compare the raw HTTP data sent by VuGen and Fiddler.


In VuGen, after replay the script, you can see the sent data in replay snapshot view.


Fiddler should also have similar inteface to view the traffic data.


After you got the data, you can copy them to a diff utility, like winmerge, to check whether there're difference.

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Re: Web_submit_data OR web_custom_request doesnt work!

Thanks! I change the body, put which I get from fidder, the response from the server, it works!