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Your input counts

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Re: Your input counts

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Random suggestion. I'm on 11.51 and when I replay a script with logging on there is a 'Transactions' section in the Replay Summary which shows the transaction timings. But if I turn logging off or put it as "Log only when error occurs" then there is no transactions section after the run. It would be more convenient if the transactions section with the timings was also available to see even when there is no logging.


No big deal, just a random little suggestion.


And it's nice to see the run time viewer option back


HPE Expert

Re: Your input counts



This is a very good suggestion. Why don't you drop it into the suggestion box!

(at this point you ask yourself "what is he talking about???")


Open VuGen 

In the menu click Help -> Feedback

Write your suggestion

Click send


This will land right into our suggestion box!




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Re: Your input counts

Good idea. Thanks!