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Re: web_Add_Cookie

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Did you run the protocol advisor?


I generally like to stick with Web/HTTP for most of my web based scripts.



***  I also doubt your employer appreciates the username/password combo you've included in your script attachment.

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Re: web_Add_Cookie

Can you please elaborate the issue? I didn't get what is the issue here.




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Re: web_Add_Cookie

Hi All,


The issue here people are facing is , while recording a script using web http/html protocol the generated script has so many web_add_cookie added resulting in confusion for which one to correlate and which one to skip and also making it a very tedious to correlate manually as there are 10000's of lines of code getting generated even for small business flows.


How can we avoid un necessary addition of web_add_cookie which are not required for correlation? Is there any recording setting available to get the web_add_cookie added only at the required places where correlation is required.


Please guide.


Best Regards,

Nitin Bali