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web_service_call request and response time

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web_service_call request and response time





In the transaction response time for "trans", i have the following query,


1. Does the transaction response time of "trans" comprise of the request sent time, processing time by server and the response recieved by the server.


2. How can I determine the time required for sending the request to the server and what was the time required for receiving the response from the server and processing time.





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Re: web_service_call request and response time

Hi Pawaana,


For your questions.


1. Yes it will include all of these, you can turn on the extended logs in Vugen for Advance Trace and Data Returned by server and you will see that it does include all these 3 as these are all actions performed when executing the Vugen code.


2. If you wanted to determine each one of these individually you can check the extended logs and view how long it took as there is a time shown here. But for load testing analysis will only display how long the transaction itself took.



Mario M.

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