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what the maximum capacity of the Load Generator

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what the maximum capacity of the Load Generator


In order to perform test on Load Generator i would like to know what is the maximum capacity of the load Generator .

We have 4GB RAM on windows 2008 R2 and  have license purchased for 1000 virtual users. We are also planning to use webservices as part of performance testing.

Look forward for your replies.


Thanks and Regards!!


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Re: what the maximum capacity of the Load Generator

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Hi Rupen,


There is no easy formula for this determination. It depends on many factors including protocols used, memory footprint of your script/scenario (use of C logic, variables etc) and whether or not the machines are physical or virtual (dedicated vs shared).


I have gotten in the neighborhood of 3000 VUsers for lightweight web/html scripts on a x86 physical server with a Xeon quadcore and 4GB of RAM.


You will need to run your scenario with 1000 vusers and check your performance counters on the LG and see at least how the RAM, CPU and HDD are holding up in terms of utilization.

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Re: what the maximum capacity of the Load Generator

It depends on the memory footprint of your script. create your script and run it in the LG, monitor the system resource of the LG during execution and stop when it goes above 70 -  80%. 

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Re: what the maximum capacity of the Load Generator

If you use webservices protocol and use a WSDL to make the service calls that should be a smaller script, but as the others mentioned before, there is no set amount that can be guaranteed for amount of vusers to run on a specific env.



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