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An Interview with our TruClient master!

SilviaS ‎08-03-2012 07:39 AM - edited ‎09-24-2015 01:43 PM

In my blog last week I spoke about our HP TruClient technology. Today I want to bring you the voice of our R&D. I have interviewed our TruClient master, Yaron Goldstein.


Yaron currently manages the R&D TruClient group and new technologies related to it. Yaron Goldstein has been managing R&D and software engineer’s teams for more than 15 years. In the past year and half he has lead the creation of TruClient for Internet Explorer! How exciting that could be?


Yaron’s responsibility with TruClient goes beyond HP LoadRunner product, currently HP TruClient technology is embedded in other HP products as HP Business Process Monitor (BPM) as part of HP Business Service Management and HP WebInspect. His agenda is to expand the utilization of TruClient in various other HP solutions.


Last June, at HP Discover in Vegas, Yaron came all the way from Israel to lead many round tables and hands-on-lab session on HP LoadRunner. These sessions were a great opportunity for customers attending the conference to get face-to-face meetings with our R&D leads.


Here is our conversation this week about TruClient:


Silvia: What was the objective on creating the TruClient technology?

Yaron: The objective to create TruClient was the need to supply a solution for advanced web2.0 applications. As more and more applications are using AJAX and JavaScript and are more complex and dynamic we wanted to provide a solution that will be able to address this need and on the same time be innovative, intuitive and easy to use.


Silvia: What was the effort to create, develop and deliver the first release of the TruClient technology?

Yaron: TruClient was first released with LoadRunner 11.0. The research & development process lasted 12 months and was done by a group of very talented software engineers.


Silvia: What challenges TruClient Technology resolves?

Yaron: Web2.0 applications are dynamic, objects change over time and we rarely deal with static pages. In addition, the use of AJAX with Async network behavior and JavaScript brings the complexity to a whole new level.

Monitoring the network traffic (HTTP) in those cases is simply not enough, often impossible to do/understand. Correlating data is extremely hard.

HP TruClient resolves all of that.


Silvia: How TruClient can help?

Yaron: TruClient is based on user actions. It is browser based and working on the UI level. This makes it very easy to use and to understand. Scripting time is VERY short (as no correlations are needed).

If your application is a modern web application that uses the AJAX web development techniques you should consider TruClient as your protocol to develop your tests/scripts in a fast & out of the box manner.

Challenges as correlations, object identification and asynchronous network behavior become easy.


Silvia: Can you tell us the new capabilities included in the TruClient technology for Firefox in the HP LoadRunner and HP Performance Center 11.50?

Yaron: Here is a top level list of the major features. Detailed list can be found in LR11.50 documentation:


  • Async support: Improved network synchronization, Automatic step end event
  • Functions: creation of function libraries for reuse in same script and between scripts
  • UI/Usability improvements
  • Breakdowns: Diagnostics – controller & Analysis, Client side breakdown (network, JavaScript)
  • Event Handlers
  • Minimum time & Recorded think time
  • Automatic leveling during replay
  • New set of APIs (custom HTTP headers, Filter URL, Manage transactions)
  • New script view in VuGen
  • New flow control steps (If Exist, If Verify)
  • Firebug bundled
  • Firefox 8.0.1 support
  • Enhanced HTML5 support
  • Undo/Redo
  • IP spoofing and Modem speed emulation


Silvia: We all know that TruClient technology is now available for Internet Explorer. Can you explain what capabilities are now available on that?

Yaron: TruClient IE is Similar in content to LoadRunner 11.0 patch 2 TruClient for Firefox Protocol

  • Including:
  • Interactive Record-Replay
  • Parameters, Transactions
  • Extensive Step support
  • Network measurements
  • JavaScript API
  • Settings: Global & RTS
  • HTML5

(Excluding: Firefox Next Gen features, Auto end event, Minimum time & Recorded think time, Global event handlers)


Silvia: What would be the best practices on using TruClient technology?

Yaron: TruClient is highly intuitive and easy to use. My recommendation would be to use TruClient documentation, especially around network and object identification.

In 11.50 we have invested a lot of efforts in improving TruClient documentation and providing detailed information on the various scenarios and features.  In addition we have also circulated a “Tips and Tricks” document.


Silvia: Any additional comments?

Yaron: TruClient is growing. We have just released TruClient for Internet Explorer and we will continue to invest in improving and building new features.


We encourage TruClient customers to engage in our forums. (LR/PC, and soon a dedicated TruClient forum).

We have also opened a TruClient linked-In groupJoin us!


Silvia: I really appreciate your time, Yaron, in sharing so good information with our customers!


Important links about TruClient:



Talk to you soon!

Silvia Siqueira

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