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Announcing HP LoadRunner and HP Performance Center version 12

SilviaS ‎03-18-2014 03:00 AM - edited ‎09-24-2015 02:09 PM

Today is a very exciting day for HP Software Application Delivery Management (ADM) team, with the launch of HP Apps 12.


Businesses and clients are looking for faster delivery of applications than ever before, but still require a gold standard of quality. Built with the customer in mind, Apps 12 enables customers to deliver applications with unprecedented velocity, while maintaining first-rate quality and performance. Apps 12 provides the ability to build, test and deliver at all levels of scale; adding unparalleled flexibility necessary to support the wide range of technologies and environments that encompass the new style of IT. In pressing times for customers to produce faster and better than ever, HP provides application development and testing teams a partner in which to guide them through these ever-changing demands.


In addition to speed, delivering a successful app is an enterprise’s top priority. An application’s performance largely determines its success and whether or not the app will be used. If it doesn’t work properly, it will not provide users with any end benefits. To ensure an app’s performance is up to par, it is essential to test its performance properly. With HP LoadRunner and Performance Center software, the market-leader in performance engineering and load testing, users have the #1 tool to test their app’s performance thoroughly and accurately. In version 12, a multitude of enhancements were made to its testing capabilities focused around cloud, mobile and continuous testing. Read on as we dive deeper into each type of testing.




Cloud Testing:


In version 12, HP Performance Center and HP LoadRunner leverage public cloud infrastructure to deploy LoadGenerators (LGs). Users can seamlessly scale up and down tests based on performance testing needs or requirements, without complicated network configurations. With the utilization of cloud testing and the ability to elastically scale up tests, the demands of customer-centric business applications are met with ease and accuracy. As a result, enterprises can significantly reduce cost and lower the overall overhead of managing dedicated infrastructure.

With cloud based LGs, HP LoadRunner and Performance Center significantly reduce the provisioning time of performance testing, while maintaining the same level of security and control. Specifically in LoadRunner, users can add multiple cloud accounts and manage their network profiles for connecting to their various LGs. With Performance Center, existing cloud accounts can be managed centrally via Lab Management, and LGs can be allocated to individual projects. In addition, users can provision hosts and manage their usage with the built-in reporting feature.


Mobile Testing:


In the latest version, users can now test any mobile application, whether it is built in-house or by a third party, on any platform. Users have more flexibility with mobile testing than ever before. This means fewer applications will go untested, and a wider variety of mobile clients can be covered in each test scenario.


Version 12 also allows testers to test performance the way they need it, with the most complete and realistic mobile performance testing capabilities to date. With the growth of the mobile application market, including realistic network conditions is critical to understanding how the app performs. HP LoadRunner and Performance Center are integrated with Shunra Network Virtualization to provide users with complete control over their network conditions during testing. Other benefits and enhancements of Shunra Network Virtualization include:

  • Improved Integration with HP software to enable you to perform network virtualization per virtual user group and to define multiple locations per load generator

  • New network virtualization graphs for monitoring and analysis

  • Added support for shared or non-shared bandwidth that simulates mobile networks

Continuous Testing:

In version 12, testing performance early and often is the name of the game. LoadRunner provides users with the tools and APIs to introduce performance testing earlier in the application lifecycle.

Tests can then be triggered from the CI/Build System, and matched against service level agreements (SLAs) for consistent updates. Both LoadRunner and Performance Center provide support for Jenkins CI systems, and Performance Center provides REST APIs for integration with other frameworks.

By leveraging unit tests and automated testing processes, users are able to provide early feedback to the developers, which keep the lifecycle from falling behind.


The Performance Application Lifecycle (PAL) feature in Performance Center allows for complete end-to-end testing and DevOps feedback. Users can accurately compare performance test results with real production data benchmarks gathered from HP Application Performance Monitoring products. Analysis of these results provides important feedback that can help users fine-tune their performance test scenarios to resemble realistic environments as closely as possible, which reduces test assumptions and risks.


For a more detailed look at each testing enhancement capability, check out our PC/LR version 12 brochure or take a look at our Apps 12 new features video.


What enhancement suits your needs best? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think of the latest version of HP LoadRunner and HP Performance Center, or Apps 12 in general. Be sure to join the conversation on Twitter @hploadrunner


Download a trial copy today!

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WW Sr Product Marketing Manager for Performance testing solutions

Richard Bishop - Trust IV
on ‎03-18-2014 04:27 AM

Hi Silvia,

Thanks for sharing this information. I've been using LR12 in beta for a while and I'm delighted that it has finally been launched today. I wrote a brief article highlighting my observations - http://blog.trustiv.co.uk/2014/03/first-look-loadrunner-12

I think that the new community license is a real game-changer for HP. I know that everybody that I talk to thinks this is a great idea. 

All the best


on ‎03-20-2014 05:20 AM

Thanks for the new version of loadrunner and performance center and good to know it is supporting multiple browsers.

on ‎03-27-2014 06:39 AM

I am looking at an evaluation copy of LR 12, trying to record and replay a session using Citrix to access an application. I use multi-protocol Citrix and Web-HTTP. Recording works fine but replay errors out early in the session, during the web-based portion. What do you suggest I try to resolve this roadblock?


Is there a question and answer board for asking about this issue? I am finding it difficult to locate the support web pages I need.

on ‎03-27-2014 05:21 PM

Thanks Richard, I am glad you have been part of the beta version!

on ‎03-27-2014 05:24 PM

Hi Don, do you have access to HP Support? If yes, I would suggest you to open a ticket there so they can troubleshoot.

If not, send an email to silvia.siqueira@hp.com and I will follow-up with you.


Many thanks!




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