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Anticipate your load with burst testing with Performance Center on HP SaaS

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Pop Quiz: What do the following things have in common?

  • An online florist preparing for a rush of orders on Mother's Day
  • A fashion designer launching a limited edition collection online
  • A university preparing for a rush of applications on the first day of enrollment
  • A movie website getting set for the launch of the latest summer blockbuster

If you answered that they are all anticipating a large amount of web traffic, then you are correct!

How can we be sure that these websites will sustain the load put on them?  How can you be sure that your website will be able to withstand a burst in capacity?  You can find out how the Universities and Colleges Admissions Services partnered with HP SaaS to meet their burst testing needs. There is also additional information here.







Just remember: the flood is coming…





Your marketing team has done a great job in promoting the latest set of headphones that every twenty-something must have.  In an effort to drive sales and quickly dispose of unwanted inventory, you are going to have a two-hour online sale for the headphones.  You know that your website can easily sustain the typical load of 2000 concurrent users. You also know that performance benchmarking tests performed with the help of HP SaaS before every release give you the confidence that it can handle up to 4000.   For the headphone promotion, marketing expects between 12,000 and 16,000 users.


Sink or swim?




The consequences of not doing any testing would be dire.  In the best case, on the day of the promotion, the site holds up. If you don’t test, you have no idea what the response times would be and how many potential customers you might lose because of unacceptable response times.  In the worst case, the site or a component such as the shopping basket crashes leading to a very poor customer experience and a wasted marketing campaign.


Building the boat




For the steady state of testing you have enough cloud-based infrastructure to support 4000 users.  The skeleton of the test is ready and most of the existing scripts, the monitoring set up and load testing scenarios can most likely be reused.

Because you know that you will need to test with an additional 12,000 users there are a couple of options: 

  • One option is to permanently rent or provision the load generation capacity and buy licenses for the 12,000 users. 
  • The other option is to take advantage of the flexible licensing and hardware provisioning choices to rent both the users and load generators for a short time.  Load generators can be provisioned in the HP SaaS cloud or with a public cloud provider.

You can begin your trial of Performance Center Saas here or even download Performance Center 12 to see how it can help you.


Sailing to safety



Simulating a load of 16,000 users that emulate the full buying flow allows your teams enough time to troubleshoot and fix bottlenecks in the system and the promotion goes flawlessly. Make sure your team is ready by testing the load ahead of time. 

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Nice Blog - Would be helpful if we have something like this in a word email template script.

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