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Re: Converting TruClient scripts to Web-protocol scripts in LoadRunner 12.0


nice post. thanks for the heads up. does protocol bundle of 11.5 same as 12?

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Very cool!  I'm looking forward to trying this.  


There have been several times over the years that I'd considered creating QTP driven vugen http script creation.  


Rather than create such a monstrosity I always decided repeatedly rerecording was probably easier.  Thankfully it doesn't look like I'll ever have to create that kind of solution because of TC2Web.  


This looks great, thanks!


nice post. thanks for the heads up. does protocol bundle of 11.5 same as 12?


Cool Feature !! .. We start playing around... 

Nice to see HP listen  to customer feedback , ready to go out of the box, and try different method, process  to enhance the tool that helps the performance testing process faster and reliable  in the Software Development  Life Cycle.

 Kudos to HP R&D team to make this happen.   Looking forward to have more such user-friendly features added in near future…


Thank You,


Dhondi Kranti



Good feature for running high volume of users.


My question is will the correlation of web protocols will also be done automatically when trueclient is converted to web script or how are we going to handle it.








Should be possible recording truclient with chrome browser engine on the new version?, some of the applications that we tested use chrome browser.

Also, what is the actual version of mozilla firefox in truclient on vugen v12?,



Cristal Dena


Hi, Thanks for this wonderful Protocol.


I am using Loadrunner 11.52, Will i be able to "convert" the script from TruClient protocol to Webprotocol ?


Coz, I don't see the Convert option in LR 11.52 VUgen.


Appreciate ur help !





  I have Vugen 12 on machine , I tried to convert true client to web , but i was able to convert only login page , other pages were not converting.


  Do I need to change any settings to capture all these pages?





Koushik A



I am trying to convert my script from Truclient to HTTP/HTMl, but I'm geeting error POP-UP as "Operation Failed"  "Object refernce not set to an instanse of an object".


Please help giude me through the issue.



Koushik Arvapelli

Piyush Singh

Hello Everyone,

I have recorded a script using trueclient-web protocol in Loadrunner 12.50, The applicaiton i recorded uses proxy to connect with server.

Now i have provided the same proxy setting in trueclient general settings-->Browser settings. script recorded successfully.


But when i tried to convert the recorded trueclient script into web- HTTP/HTML script, it launches a browser for replay while script regeration and nothing got generated. Since in the brower (launched at the time of regenration) i have got error as firefox uses proxy same as system proxy and unable to connect proxy server.


So any help? where can i change this setting.

I did change proxy settings in trueclient, And in the browser manually.





I have recoreded a script using TruClient-web protocol in LR 12.50. When I try converting it to Web script, I see only the transaction names in the converted script. Tried in both Socket and Winlet level.


    /*2.6: Move mouse over My Workspace listitem*/

    /*2.7: Move mouse over CGPBIS listitem*/

    /*3: Click on CGPB View Member link*/


Kindly help to resolve my issue.

Youga hari hara suthan ayyappa sabbisetty

Hi Everyone,

I tried to convert the script, but i am getting error page "page can't be displayed" Do I need to foucs on any settings ?

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