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Re: Downloading HP LoadRunner? Enhance your experience with the tips below


How do I download LoadRunner 11?

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How do I download LoadRunner 11?


Hi CPT Laura, to download HP LoadRunner version 11, go to https://h20575.www2.hp.com/usbportal/softwareupdate.do?lang=EN&cc=EN&hpappid=PDAPI_USB_PRO2


You will be asked to have na SAID.


Please let me know if questions,

regards, Silvia

Satish Chopade

correlation Studeo link is not displayed in Replay Summary 


Hi Satish, could you please provide more detail related to your comment?




I need a footrpint doc for loadrunner11,where can I download it from?


Hi Clief, all HP LoadRunner guides can be found here: HP Product documents.



If it is your first time login at the support site, you will be requested to create a “HP Passport” account (HP Passport Registration). Save your login and password for any time that you need to return to this website.

Please let me know if questions,


Thanks, Silvia


Hi Silvia,


I tried searching for memory footprint document for LR 11.0 version in the above mentioned, link. I did not find any.

It will be great, if you point us to that location.





Let me check on that.




Hi Silvia,


Where can i find LoadRunner webinars?






Where can I find a chart or table that lsts the differences/similarities of HP Performance Center and HP LoadRunner? 

Tom Oates



Please, I need to download the evaluation version of Hp loadRunner. How do I go about it?


Hi Monyejoe(anon), 


To download LoadRunner:

1.      Download HP LoadRunner

The first step is where to go to download HP LoadRunner – your performance testing solution –Click here to download HP Loadrunner.  


Let me know if questions,





Where is LoadRunner for the Linux operating system is this??




I installed Trial Version of HP Loadrunner  however I cannot get the Web Tours sample to come up so I can follow the steps.  It shows to access it by Start>All Programs>HP Software>HP LoadRunner>Samples>Web>HP Web Tours Application. It also say to make sure LR is installed in the "Default" folder or HP Web Tours will not open. When I installed the trial version the install default folder was already pre-populated. Any ideas why its' not working? COuld you provide the correct path?



Hi Gooselake, here it is:


  1. Start the Web Tours web server via: Start>Programs>HP Software>HP LoadRunner>Samples>Web>Start Web Server
  2. A console dialog will popup saying that the server is starting. Don’t close the dialog
  3. Now open the browser and browse to Web Tours via: Start>Programs>HP Software>HP LoadRunner>Samples>Web>HP Web Tours Application
  4. LR default installation folder is: "C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\LoadRunner\", make sure the product is installed in this folder


Let us know if questions,

Silvia & Igor Markov


Hi MINJAE, the trial version is availble for windows only.



Let me know if questions, Silvia

ShivaS Patil



I have installed LR11.52 trial version on new system in which there was no earlier version of LR(9.5 or 11) were installed. But when I tried to open controller it is showing a pop up "You Do Not have a valid license" . Please let me know what are my next steps for getting evaluation version of LR11.52





Hi Shivas, could you please send me an email and I will help you with the license.

my email is silvia.siqueira@hp.com.


regards, Silvia

Kiran Jinka

Hi Silvia,


Can you please let me know the link for downloading LR 11.5 version.







I am using HP Load Runner Virtual user Generator version 11.0 but same is not compatible with Internet Explorer 10 and above.


It is not able to launch browser(events) when recording is started.


Please suggest possible solution for same and how HP Load Runner Virtual user Generator version 11.0 can be used with IE 10 and above.







Where can i find Load Runner 11.50


SilviaS wrote:

I am sure we have some similarities as “techies”! And one of the similarities may be learning about new software. I love trying new solutions and the challenges of discovering how it works and learning how the solution can help.


I understand that trying a new solution sometimes can be tricky; I decided to write a blog to enhance your experience when trying HP LoadRunner. I want you to have the best load testing experience ever.


Here are some tips to get you started faster:

(You can click in the respective links to access the items mentioned below.)


1.      Download HP LoadRunner

The first step is where to go to download HP LoadRunner – your performance testing solution – Click here to download HP LoadRunner.  

2.      Understanding what is in your trial version

The HP LoadRunner trial version supports various environments for you to start your performance testing. The trial version supports a wide range of technologies for you to test applications built for Mobile and Web, it supports you whether your application is internal or customer facing. HP LoadRunner is built for ease of use, but also for powerful flexibility. That is what has made HP LoadRunner the de facto standard in application performance validation for over a decade.


Your trial version is valid for 30 days and allows testing 50 virtual users simultaneously. If you need more time, please don’t hesitate to Contact us, we will be happy to assist you with your trial.



3.      How to download install HP LoadRunner – Watch a short video

Note: Please install any previous installed HP LoadRunner version.

The trial version is pretty simple to install. It is an EXE file that self-extracted when ran. Learn in this video how to download and install from the .EXE file.



4.      Learn performance testing terminology and how it works video 

Understand the performance testing and HP LoadRunner terminology before starting creating and executing your application testing.



5.      Learn in few minutes the Top five features of HP LoadRunner

This short video gives you some important initial tips on the top features of HP LoadRunner that you should check and do yourself.


6.      Watch a Webinar: Introduction to Performance testing

This web event is for those of you who want to explore and learn where and how to start testing application performance. During this event, our performance testing experts reveal the key pieces and parts of performance testing, including the phases of the test and how HP LoadRunner supports each phase. See the slides in slideshare.



7.      Interested in purchasing HP LoadRunner?

Contact us and we will be happy to have a Sales Rep and Solution Architect work with you.



8.      Got stuck and have questions about HP LoadRunner?

We have a couple options:

-        Contact us and we will be happy to have a Sales Rep and Solution Architect to work with you

-        HP SW Techdemos - we have monthly demo sessions with HP LoadRunner experts, register to attend the session, learn more about the product and ask questions.

-        Access NOW the largest performance testing community on earth “14,000+” users. We have our support and R&D teams overlooking the community and providing answers to questions besides the fellows’ performance engineers spread out around the globe.


9.      HP LoadRunner guides

My suggestion is to review the HP LoadRunner user guide.

To see all HP LoadRunner guides go here: HP Product documents.


If it is your first time login at the support site, you will be requested to create a “HP Passport” account (HP Passport Registration). Save your login and password for any time that you need to return to this website.


10.      Join us: Blog, twitter and Facebook


11.   Provide us some feedback (survey) so we can improve our services to you!

As I mentioned earlier, to provide the best experience in your load testing trial, it is important for us to hear about your finds and see how we can improve. Feel free to comment below.


I hope this tips are helpful and can accelerate your HP LoadRunner trial. I am here for you and I am looking forward to hearing from you.


HP LoadRunner: Your performance, Our passion!


Stay Tuned!

Silvia Siqueira


Hi @Silvia. I checked that the directories you mentioned are the ones where LR has been installed by me. I am able to start HP Web Tours and have been trying to login since few hour. Jojo;bean  OR joe;young  don't work as usernames and passwords. I also tried to signup but looks like all the usernames have already been taken. Plz help..!! 


If you are looking for the version 11.50 you can go throught the Support and download from there.

If you can't, please let me know and I will send the link.



tks, Silvia

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