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Need faster load testing? How does 9x’s faster sound? Look no further than HP StormRunner Load

JohnJ_1 on ‎08-14-2014 10:52 AM

Would you put up with a tool that wastes your time?  I know that I don’t; because tools are supposed to make me faster, and as you know speed counts. In application delivery, it’s all about who can release faster without compromising the experience for the end user.


We know how important your time can be. Especially as you work on completing user stories, updating burndown charts and delivering solutions at the end of each sprint.  The StormRunner Load team has been working hard to create a cloud-based performance testing solution that makes it easy for agile teams to:


  •          Deliver the best code possible
  •          To incorporate load tests earlier
  •          To find and fix performance problems as they occur

Even though we’re still in beta, (you can sign up for the beta here)we are getting great feedback from customers that StormRunner Load is shaping up to be your leading solution for large, cloud-based tests. We’re actively gathering feedback from beta customers, and I want to share a couple of nuggets that we recently heard.  A Fortune 200 customer had observations when they took a look at StormRunner Load and compared it against a commercial cloud testing provider. (I won’t embarrass them, so let’s call them “CompetitorTestA”)


First proof point: StormRunner Load makes it easy to provision very large tests.  In one example, we saw a test that was able to spin up to about 100k virtual users in just under 10 minutes… here is what they said: “WOW, it only took you about 10 minutes to spin up that test, but with CompetitorTestA, it takes about 90 minutes”  


Ok… So that means StormRunner is 9 times faster than CompetitorTestA!  To make it easier to understand this speed, let’s compare it to air travel. What would that look like if you could get from LA to New York 9-times faster?     Your 5 ½ hour flight would only take 37 minutes!  If you were making a choice between options to get across the country, which flight would you want—5 ½ hours or 37 minutes? This is a pretty obvious choice isn’t it?


So, a little later, the customer shared another interesting observation about what they liked about StormRunner Load.   You see, with CompetitorTestA, they don’t get real time analysis. Instead, they have to wait for data to come back from the cloud.  They wait a very long time, usually about 2 hours.


With StormRunner Load, the analysis is almost real time (30 seconds to a minute), so let’s be s generous and  say it takes 5 minutes before you start to get data back. If you liked the test speed, this is even more shocking.  StormRunner is 24 times faster than CompetitorTestA!!! I find it hard to believe that people would be willing to wait this long for data.  If we traveled from LA to New York with this kind of 24X boost, you would cover the trip in about 14 minutes.


I admit this is just one customer’s perception, but when I look at 9X faster and 24X faster, I’m pretty excited and want to share the news. We are positive we will continue to get more great feedback from customers as part of our beta, but as I see it, the early results are positive.

If you head over to pronq.com you can learn more about StormRunner Load and how it can help with your agile performance testing from the cloud.  If you just want to go out for your own test flight, that’s always an option. Just fasten your seat belt, raise your seat backs and tray tables and “Launch your StormRunner Load beta” now.

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