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Re: New HP Best Practices Document: "Load Testing Scenarios Best Practices"

NaveenKumar N

Useful resource. Thanks to HP!

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NaveenKumar N

NaveenKumar N

Useful resource. Thanks to HP!


From the document:


Use hard-coded think time values.



Why is this recommended?


Hi foragger,


Keeping the original think time values as they were recorded allows LoadRunner to accurately reproduce the user's session. If you need to vary the think times at playback, you can use the Run Time Settings options for think time, and have the change applied uniformly to all think times in the session.  The options allow you to:

  • Ignore the think time
  • Replay the think time as specified in the call to lr_think_time;
  • Increase or decrease the replay time uniformly by defining a multiple of the recorded think time;
  • Increase or decrease the replay time randomly by defining a random factor to be applied to the recorded think time.
  • Limit the think time to a maximum value

So the recommendation is to use the Run Time Settings to manage variations in think time, rather than applying logic in the script to manipulate the think times.

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