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Re: Testing asynchronous business processes with LoadRunner


I'm happy to see deep dive info rather than just opinions.


People need to know this because some have switched to products which compete with LoadRunner due to previous lack of async support in LoadRunner. They need this memo!

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I'm happy to see deep dive info rather than just opinions.


People need to know this because some have switched to products which compete with LoadRunner due to previous lack of async support in LoadRunner. They need this memo!


Yes, thank you VERY much for posting this.  As a LR/PC veteran of many years, I'm blushing because I have not used this feature set yet.

For at least the past 7 years or so, I've developed similar workarounds via custom function calls that mimic the asynch types and then embedded calls to them  inside concurrent request blocks as the only known to me until now solution.

This will make it very much easier!

frederic b

Is it a new thread in mmdrv.exe running the asynchronous conversation ?


Wonderful implementation.

We need to really see if the Call Back mechanism runs concurrently with the Synchronous script.  The question is if the call back function is receiving response and at the same time, the synchronous call is also receiving response - will the response time not be biassed?

How is Throughput handled in this case in terms of so many bytes per second?

Should we have a separate pipe/channel for measuring these responses?


The asynchronous conversation is still handled by the same thread.


The callback mechanism is simulated by one thread, so there could be no real "collisions" as Udhay describes.

This implementation may cause a small decrease in throughput, and may cause a small bias in measurements.

But it should also guarantee that you can run as many Vusers as possible on the same machine, since mdrv.exe and the operating system don't have to handle many more threads for each Vuser.


As for pipes/channels - yes, each Vuser will try to use more simultaneous sockets for the asynchronous conversations, so they should be measured accordingly.


If you already have scripts that you already generated using the Async feature,
or if you have scripts from older versions of LoadRunner for which you have already implemented your own asynchronous implementation, I would love to take a look at them.

It would help us greatly with further development of related features.


We greatly appreciate your feedback,


Oded Keret

LoadRunner R&D

HP Software


Oded Hartmannn

Great summary and information !!!

NaveenKumar N

Excellent tutorials. Thanks to HP.


This information was very helpful but it does not provide a complete example of how to use the new asynchronous conversation feature in LoadRunner 11.5. I have also read the detailed information regarding this new feature in the Vugen User manual.  Both sets of documentation fail to provide a COMPLETE example which also includes

the IMPLEMENTATION details that are left out below in the LongPoll_0_RequestCB() and LongPoll_0_ResponseCB() callback functions. This complete example must include the web_util_set_request_url and the web_util_set_reqest_body() functions for the LongPoll_0_RequestCB callback as well as coding for the implementaion details for the LongPoll_0_ResponseCB callback. I realize that these implementation details will vary for each example, but the inclusion of these missing details is the only way to provide a complete example of the LoadRunner async conversation feature. It would be great if this example would refer to a website that is commonly available which uses the asynchronous conversation feature.






I'm setting a flag in poll_1_ResponseCB() to determine wheather I need to loop this Async URL or to call "web_stop_async", but when the request fails at "HTTP-Time-Out" it prints "Deleting conversation with poll_1".


What happens when a async call faces "HTTP-Time-Out"? Does it follow a normal flow, or it will focefully stop the Async by calling "web_stop_async"?


How the script can be changed  NOT to call "web_stop_sync" call even after facing time out exception?


Tariq Ahmed




i have one of my application developed in .net



i have used protocol advisar . which recognize the web HTTP/html  and silverlight protocols.

but i can not use both togather.   as i am using the Loadrunner11.52.


i have tryed many times with all the options. but could not record it.


actually i want to say that my applications  uses  both synchronous (user-initiated) and asynchronous (application-initiated) modes. while i am getting Failed on the Recording step.   we are using TCP binding in the application and my application supports only sliverlight5.1 version.    can any body help me the same case




I am working on an async request in loadrunner which is based on push technology. My question is, as it is being push model the request will be send to server one time. after that client will  keep on getting response from server. So one request and multiple response for the same. how do I simulate the same in loadrunner.


Can anyone worked on similar case?



Rohini Kondisetti

Hi All,


I tried to implemet the same solution with my application but facing issues while recording.


Manually pulsing was happening , but during recording applications was un responsive and pulsing was not happening.


We added required ports in port mappng but no luck



Note: While recording the application in winnet level pulsing is happening but this particular async communication not supported by winnet level recording na.


Please help u in this issue.


Browser: IE10

LR Version: 11.52 with latest patch.


Prasad KGVS

Hi in our application we use socket.io protocol for sync communication between browser and server. Underlying it uses websocket transport. Browser will have at least two simultaneous  connections to server, one for Http and another for socket.io/webdocket. Can I use PC/Lr for testing my application?


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