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Re: Tips for browser emulation in network-level scripts

hong yan wang

I used Chrome and Firefox to test web  apps.

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hong yan wang

NaveenKumar Namachivayam

I used Safari, IE and Chrome User agent strings to test web apps.


Thank you!


While Mobile Page responses - there are appreciable changes in the response and the cache-logic.

Otherwise, do you really see good amount of differences?

hong yan wang

I used Chrome and Firefox to test web  apps.

Kamatchi Sundar

I executed a test in Controller 11.0. Please find the findings below,


When I selected the IE 8.0 browser in the browser emulation Run-time settings, it is still creating only 2 connections. We have verified after seeing connections graph during the test.


But when we explicitly set the connections count using web_set_sockets option("MAX_CONNECTIONS_PER_HOST","6"), we are able to see 6 connections in the graph.


Please let me know if selection of browser version from the run-time setting is not sufficient to emulate the browser type.


Please advise!


Hello Kamatchi,


The mentioned ability to determine the maximum number of connections according to user agent string was added in LoadRunner 11.50.


If you are using Controller from LoadRunner 11.0, you will have to configure number of connections using the web_set_sockets_option step.



Amrita Shetty



How do we emulate the Network speed in the same manner i.e. either by adding headers in the script as its done for User-Agent for by adding any logic in the script.

I know we can emulate the Network speed through Run-Time Settings, but i need something at the script level.




Hi Oded


I have a question related to web_concurrent_start function. If I have selected user Agent as Ie9 which will allow 6 connection per host but in web_concurrent_start I have 10 calls, means Loadrunner will submitted 10 calls together. What will happen in this scenario.


1. web_concurrent_start 10 connection override IE 6 connection OR

2. Only 6 connections will be made to host.


If option 1 is true then in script I should not have more than 6 calls under web_concurrent_start , if I am simulating IE9 browser.


Please share your opinion.

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