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Unlock the Power of Performance Center with the My PC User Interface

JohnJ_1 ‎12-20-2012 08:18 AM - edited ‎09-22-2015 01:27 PM

For the past few weeks, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with and learning from the new Performance Center Product Manager – Gurmeen Aneja.     Her extensive experience in the field, working with Performance Center customers, gives her a deep understanding about the PC customer’s unique challenges and needs.   She’ll be actively blogging here soon, but for now, I want to welcome her to the community and encourage you to reach out to her if you have any questions.


One of the things that she and I were talking about recently was how to make more people aware of the My PC user interface.    As you know, with PC version 11.00, PC and ALM share a common platform, enabling users to harness the power of ALM when planning and managing all their testing activities.   However, we realize that not all performance testing teams were ready to fully leverage ALM, and needed a streamlined interface into the core PC capabilities.    We call this streamlined interface – “My PC”.


My PC gives you a lightweight, web interface that gives you access to many, if not all the PC functions you need on a day to day basis.    From My PC, you can:


  • Monitor the status of PC through different “Perspectives”   (think dashboards) that are configurable to meet your specific needs.   There are a handful of prebuilt “Perspectives” that are ready to go when you start up My PC, but you can always configure and create your own.
  • Create, Edit and Execute Performance Tests.   Of course you need to monitor the PC environment, but you really are there to run load tests.   With My PC, you can get your testing done, with a direct and simple user interface.
  • Review Testing results and reports.
  • Stay connected with what is happening in the PC environment with notifications

Want to learn more?   Good.

Here’s a link to a short presentation that shows you more about what My PC looks like and how you can start to take advantage of it now! 


Comments welcome….


Are you using My PC?  Please share your feedback in comments here….


Also, please feel free to send your welcome comments to Gurmeen!


And before I forget.... Have a very happy holiday season and a great New Year! 


Of course, if you’re interested in HP LoadRunner or Performance Center you can follow us - on the HP Performance Validation Blog  or even follow us @hploadrunner on Twitter

And if you’re looking for functional testing – you need to check out The Future of Testing Blog

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on ‎12-20-2012 09:27 AM

The My Performance Center site is a hidden nugget that has been part of PC 11.x since it was first released and more people should use it.  However, it should be made clear that using the MyPC site doesn't eliminate the need to install the full ALM platform and there are some things that you can not do with MyPC that must be done using the full ALM client.


  1. Topologies must be created when logged into the full ALM client

  2. The TimeSlot page is only available through the full ALM client so setting up tests to autostart in the future and identifying resource conflicts can not be fully accomplished using MyPC.

  3. When a project is first created and that project is not based on a template, there is no default directory structure for test lab, test set, requirements and other modules that is automatically created and objects can not be stored in the base directory.  MyPC cannot create that directory structure so before the project can be used someone must login using the full ALM client to complete the project setup.

  4. Lab Management is completely unavailable from the MyPC site so setting up hosts, PCS', licenses, host pools, listeners, and all the other functions of lab management will require the ALM client access.

  5. Site Administration functions are not available from the MyPC site so setting up domains, projects, users, ALM licenses, DB and ALM servers will require the ALM Site Administration client access.


The reason why this is important to point out is that some customers have become confused about My Performance Center thinking that it was an alternative to the full ALM platform installation when in fact it is a companion to,  another piece that sits on top of,  and is still completely dependent on the ALM platform.

on ‎12-20-2012 10:34 AM

Hi Craig,


Thanks for the great clarification.... You're right that My PC doesn't replace the ALM part of Performance Center.   I liked the way you described it as sitting on top of the ALM platform.


Question for you: ... and anyone else who wants to chime in.   


Of the things that you listed that My PC doesn't do today.... what one thing would you want to see added to My PC?   Since Gurmeen will be shaping the roadmap for PC, I'm sure she would love to hear your opinions.



on ‎12-20-2012 10:51 AM

The following are my personal opinions of what I would like to see changed in the My Performance Center Site


1) Return to a user interface that is more similar to PC 9.52.  Finding and doing things in the new UI is great if you have not spent the last 8 years using PC 7.x - 9.52.  The customizable dashboard is ok but is much more difficult to support.  How many clicks does it take to start a load test in 9.52 vs 11 using MyPC?  My perception is it is a lot more.


2) Baring a complete rewrite of the UI, Full functionality of the TimeSlots features is the request I have heard the most from customers using PC 11.  That is the primary function that requires them to leave MyPC and login to the full ALM client.


3) Add some sort of lab management capabilities, specifically managing hosts, host pools, and project settings (number of vusers, hosts, concurrent runs, etc)


4) A rewrite of the site using more advanced HTML V5, AJAX, or other newer technologies to reduce the amount of screen refreshes and make the site feel more like an application than a web site.


Craig D

Gurmeen Aneja
on ‎12-21-2012 08:41 PM

Hello Craig,


Long time no hear!!


Thank you for the most valuable feedback!


As you have indicated, the my PC UI was built on top of the ALM platform to assist with the day to day testing functions of a Performance Engineer such as creating, executing, viewing tests at runtime and accessing performance test results. It is by no means a replacement for the core and more involved ALM, PC admin, Lab admin functions. 


Please do send any and all feedback as we work towards making the My PC interface  a much more flexible and malleable component of Performance Center.




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