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Re: Use Proxy Recording in LoadRunner 11.52 for Mobile Applications


Hi Jason,


Can we record the scripts for Native mobile applications in ipad & Android using the HP Load Runner 11.52. 


Any help will be appreciated.


Thanks in advance.



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I can honestly say that using proxy recorder enabled me to recorded a massive business processes via mobile device to capture native and web based application in a few minutes without the need to have Vugen directly installed.

It also helped me to eliminate the need of an awkward 3rd party simulators which would have taken a LOT of my time.



Hi Jason, Iam using a native ios7 ipad applucation to be recorded...the app uses a https comm protocol to communicate wit the server. Need to know more detail about certificate installation

Hi Anon,


Regarding your question on how to install a certificate on iOS device, please first  download the proxyroot.cer certificate to your desktop machine that will connects your iOS device, by navigating to http://<computer name of VuGen machine>:port/proxyroot.cer or http://<ip address of VuGen machine>:port/proxyroot.cer.


And then then follow the link below to install the ProxyRoot.cer certificate, it has good explanation on each step:




Please note that in the steps above, there is one to select a certificate to install from your personal certificate store, please select “DO_NOT_TRUST…” certificate.


Once installed on your device, then you can use your iOS browser to navigate to a https site through the LoadRunner VuGen recording proxy. Please note that you will still get warning dialog on your device browser window, and you need to select “Continue” in order to proceed.


Hi Jason,


To download the certificate these are the steps i have followed:


1. My vugen m\c and ipad on same wifi

2. Running the LR proxy (port 8080)

3. Configured proxy on my ipad as (ip: vugen m\c ip, port 8080)

4. on my ipad browser http://<computer name of VuGen machine>:8080/proxyroot.cer

This gives an error profile cannot be installed on ipad...Please advice if the steps followed is right?




Hi Anon,


Please note that in the previous comments, we suggested "first  download the proxyroot.cer certificate to your desktop machine", and then install it on to your iOS device using "iPhone Configuration Utility". So your action of downloading it directly on iOS browser does not work.


If you exactly follow the above suggested steps and it is still not working, I recommend that you open a support ticket, or post the question on the LoadRunner Support Forum (at http://h30499.www3.hp.com/t5/LoadRunner-Support-Forum/bd-p/sws-LoadRunner_SF#.UmkmH_k25yw)



Samir Modh

Hi Team,


This is very helpful information related ot the LR capabilities of recording mobile application. I followed these steps accuratly, however I am not able to record any mobile communication through LR proxy. I varified many options with no luck yet. I request to help me with this regard. Do I need to take care of any specific proxy related sattings?


Hi Samir,


As mentioned in the previous post, you can get help from community by submitting a post to LoadRunner Support Forum, or from HP by submitting a service request to HP. And we love to help you by first understanding more details of your environment.


Hi, I have followed all the steps mentioned but my mobile is unable to connect to any site for recording. i am using samsung mobile with android 4.0.4 . any help will be appreciated. thanks in advance.


Hi Narendar,


Some trouble-shooting tips:


Proxy recording feature is just like a proxy, therefore, to trouble-shot, you can use some other proxy tools try see whether you can connect to your site from your Samsung phone. For example, with Fiddler, you can capture the traffic similarly, just don’t generate the script. If you cannot connect to site either with Fiddler, that should be a configuration issue that you can do some further check.


If you still cannot succeed after all the trouble-shooting steps, you can open a support ticket to get help from HP support.




Thanks Jason,

I am able to connect from my mobile to Laptop with fiddlers port(8888), but unable to record script with 8080(http port) . the events are not getting generated in LR and page is not getting loaded in mobile. i tried with multiple browsers and ports but no luck.


Hi Jason,


Can we record the scripts for Native mobile applications in ipad & Android using the HP Load Runner 11.52. 


Any help will be appreciated.


Thanks in advance.




Hi Raghu,


for Android, we already have a component "LoadRunner Mobile Recorder" which is in release 11.52 or later. It is an Android application that can record traffic for other applications on the same device. It requires the device to be rooted to record. Check the article HP LoadRunner Mobile Recorder – a short tutorial for more details.


For iOS, you can still use Proxy Recording feature if no SSL is involved. If it uses SSL, there are probably need some trick in the code of your native application to accept Proxy-Recording certificate during the recording test, which is non-trusted certificated.


Another option is to record on the server side using network monitoring tool, and generate the pcap file. Then use LoadRunner to parse the pcap file, using "Mobile Application - HTTP/HTML" protocol.





HP LoadRunner Mobile Recorder – a short tutorial

Ahmad Khisal Saeed



My company has warehouses in different cities which are receiving the material 24 by 7. In each warehouse there are some designated people who are receiving the material and scanning it through hand held terminals. Each hand held terminal is connected to a wifi device which is further connecting to our head office (Through both wired and wireless) where actual server is present. The application is mainframe application in which all the data is stored.


Please help me to understand that if we can record this transaction through load runner? If yes then please tell me how actually I will do it because there is nothing that I will record through some application under test(mainframe server storing the data). It will be transaction starting from terminal and pushing the data directly into server.


Should I record two separate transactions, one for wireless connectivity between head office and warehouses and second is for wired connectivity.



Thank you so much in advance.




Trying to record the HTTP traffic  of a native app on a mobile Device ( I-pad air)  using LoadRunner v 11.52 for a big client of mine that is in the mobile app space , the mobile device and VU Gen are not on the same network. The mobile device is running on a Wifi network in the clients office where the VuGen machine is running on a virtual machine somewhere.


How can I record the business transactions or workflows of the native app using LoadRunner if the client device and Vugen machine are not on the same network. The network where VU Generator machine is installed is also not using a proxy server. What do I do and how do I go about it?



If you can upgrade to vugen 12.0, you can try generate a fiddler record (saz file) in mobile device's network, copy it to VuGen's machine, and import it in Mobile protocol, like importing pcap file.

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