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1x MSM710 - MSM310's - 2 WAN Site - No Connectivity (DHCP)


1x MSM710 - MSM310's - 2 WAN Site - No Connectivity (DHCP)

 Good day!!!! :-)


2x geographic sites (One Controller)

Site 1:
MSM710 Mobility Controller
ProCurve 5400 series Switch
MSM 320 AP
VID 1: 192.168.1.x - Controller and AP management interface VLAN
VID 2: 192.168.2.x - Private VLAN
VID 3: 192.168.3.x - Guest VLAN

AP’s Egress SSID to VID no problem.
Not using the WAN port on the controller, controller is purely for AP config management

Site 2:
ProCurve 5400 series Switch
MSM 320 AP
VID 1: 192.168.11.x - AP management interface VLAN
VID 20: 192.168.20.x - Private VLAN
VID 30: 192.168.30.x - Guest VLAN



Now on site 1 all works as expected with SSIDs egressed of to the correct VLAN, DHCP helper working as expected etc...


Site 2: Set the discovery on the APs to connect back to the controller by browsing to the APs first off and configuring the controller details... The controller can access them using a L3 connection (As stated on the AP details page).

Created a new group for Site 2, told the group of local networks, what SSIDs to egress to which VLANs.

(I added VLAN 20 and 30 at the top level of the config page to allow me to specify VID 20 and 30 when egressing the SSID's in group 2)


Config gets pushed out, APs advertise the SSIDs but the clients do not get a DHCP, i know DHCP is working by interfacing directly on to VID 20 and 30 and getting the correct IP via ethernet.. Its almost as if the AP is not got the tagging ingress config (AP uplink is tagged correctly, VID 1 untagged, 20,30 tagged).


What have i missed?

Thanks for reading!