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3CRW100A-72 and Windows 7

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3CRW100A-72 and Windows 7

This router has given me years of problem-free wireless service with XP and Vista machines, but I have just bought my first Windows 7 laptop and immediately cannot connect using WPA-PSK using TKIP.  The access point is visible (along with all the other local ones) but will not connect, just tries and throws up the 'troubleshoot problems' dialog.  If I switch to 128-bit WEP I get a connection no problem, but since this is next-to-no security I don't want to run it.

I have updated the router firmware to the last April 2007 release, but I haven't yet updated the wireless adaptor driver, although I very much doubt this is the problem.

I realise this is an old router model,and there appear to be a lot of wireless issues with Windows 7 meaning that old kit is less likely to work, but has anybody had issues and then managed to figure out how to get WPA and Windows 7 working on this router, before I have to bin my beloved 3Com.

Thanks for any suggestions, Steve.

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Re: 3CRW100A-72 and Windows 7

I have the same problem.  If the laptop (netbook for me) is very lose to the router then it will connect reasonably reliably.  Authentication is the problem plus possible interference from nearby routers on the same channel.  Try setting the laptop to use a fixed IP address rather than DHCP.

Once connected you can move away from the router and stay connected.

My router which cannot be updated to latest firmware seems to have stuck on channel 4 and won't reset to another channel.