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3CRWDER101A-75 No Internet Connection (!)

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3CRWDER101A-75 No Internet Connection (!)

Hi all,

I bought this router a couple of months ago, and I can't get rid of router's loosing connection problem.

The sync led is off or flashes and the online led is off. No Internet connection on status and logs screen.

I bought this router to replace my previous adsl-router given to me by provider, but now I just have to use it as a wireless access point.

And the old router works well.

The things that I did:

1) Replaced the router in the shop... (the problem appeared again after about a month of stable work)

2) Installed the latest firmware (1.12.01.A) from the official web-site (made hard reset and reconfigured the router)

3) tried to use different cables and splitters

4) changed different settings (disabled firewall, etc)

5) reboot doesn't help, of course.

No effect. It can work for a day or two, a week may be, but afterwards there is always the same problem.

The settings are the same as are on the provider's router (DSL-2500U), which never loses connection.

I also browsed the web and found out that there are quite a few people facing the same problem but still there is no certain solution.

Thanking you in anticipation for your help!