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3CRWDR200A-75 Firmware and WPA-PSK

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3CRWDR200A-75 Firmware and WPA-PSK

I wish to upgrade the firmware (from 2.3) as the Internet Access Policy doesn't seem to allow access, even when set to allow all IP's in a range to have access 24/7. Also some tabs are missing from the Firewall section as detailed in the latest downloadable menu.

My problem is that the only firmware available on the 3com site is 3.0.1, and this states that Pre Shared Keys cannot be entered manually in this revision.

(i) How can the keys be entered manually. I am only using it on a home network so this is all I need to do.

(ii) Is it possible to downgrade the firmware if the new one doesn't work and are the old versions downloadable from anywhere?