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3CRWDR300A-73 Internet Connection Intermittent

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3CRWDR300A-73 Internet Connection Intermittent

Hi everybody, I have a 3CRWDR300A-73 ADSL Wireless 11n Firewall Router and my internet connection once in a while disconnect by itself, the light on the external panel blinks (try to connect) but it turns off and again it starts to blink and it become a infinity loop.

I checked my internet configuration but i found nothing wrong. I also have another ADSL modem (SpeedStream) and when the 3com modem starts with the issue I change the phone line cable to the speedstream, so the internet connects again.

I realized that every day in the afternoon my 3com modem begin with the trouble. At morning it works perfectly. I already updated the firmware. Checked again for some wrong configuration, but everything is ok and I just don't know how to get over it.


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Re: 3CRWDR300A-73 Internet Connection Intermittent

Hi folks,

I would like to update you to my issue. Recently I oppened a RMA to my wireless router, to try to solve the problem. Well, yesterdey arrived a brand new 3CRWDR300A-73  wireless router N, so I configured it the same way it was before, it works properly until 2:00 pm. Seriously, I really don't know what is cousing it I checked the configuration twice, three times four times... and I didn't figured it out, everything is exactly as before, when everything was working fine. Does anybody PLEASE know what is happening????



Re: 3CRWDR300A-73 Internet Connection Intermittent


do you have latest firmware (1.12.06).

Remember, after upgrade you have to reset device to factory defaults

and manually (not from a saved config.bin) reconfigure it from scratch...



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Re: 3CRWDR300A-73 Internet Connection Intermittent

Sounds like your phon eline has problems.


Change your ADSL filter, make sure every socket used has a filter on it, Fax, Phone, Modem, all need to use Filters on their sockets.


If still not good after that, when your line is playing up, call your phone line or ISP and ask them to run a qulaity check on the line to checj Noise and tolerance.


Your line playing up causes such issues.


Hope this helps.


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