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3CRWE554G72T remote admin with dynamic IP

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3CRWE554G72T remote admin with dynamic IP



I have found that when using the 3CRWE554G72T router with a Dynamic IP WAN connection, the remote administration stops working after the next IP address change done by the ISP.

The router is configured to allow remote administration access only by my personal fixed IP address, and the remote computer has an IP address reporting tool installed which sends me the new IP the moment the ISP changes it.

It is necessary to connect locally to the router, disable the remote administration function, then reenable it again, but it stops working again at the next IP address change.

Has anybody seen this ?

I have called 3Com support but they didn´t want to help me because my router is out of warranty. I have tried to explain to the attendant that it seems to be a firmware bug, because that function works ok when using a fixed WAN IP address, but he insisted that I have to pay for them to revise the firmware.