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3CRWER100-75, DHCP on wifi client failure

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3CRWER100-75, DHCP on wifi client failure


every once in while, my 3Com router (3CRWER100-75) stops giving DHCP leases for wireless clients (i verfied using a network sniffer that the DHCP request indeed leaves the machine)

i have one machine physically connected to the router, and there is no DHCP issue over there, when i set static IP on the wireless machine, everything works again.

restarting the router thru the web UI solves the issue.

is this a known issue? it happens at least once a month (usually when i'm at work and my wife just has to update something on facebook ).

is there something i can do to prevent this? (i'm trying to avoid the need to use a secondary DHCP server)



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Re: 3CRWER100-75, DHCP on wifi client failure

you have luck..   :  see previous thread from me