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3CRWER101U-75 Remote Management

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3CRWER101U-75 Remote Management

Hi there! I'm setting up a new wless router and i've allowed remote admin for an entire subnet, filling the required fields on the page Advanced Settings>Remote Management, by choosing "Enable administration from a whole Subnet Internet Host" option and typing" option and typing XXX.XXX.XXX.0 at Host Address and at Subnet Mask and 10000 at the Port number. It should allow access for all hosts on XXX.XXX.XXX subnet, is it right? Well, i type http://XXX.XXX.XXX.6:10000 (6 is the host address i configured for the wan interface) and nothing happens... Can someone help me?

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Re: 3CRWER101U-75 Remote Management

Lots of browsers will not allow HTTP managment on high ports, try port 8080 or 8000 do these work ?

How about a fixed IP address, does that work or if you aset everyone, does that help ?

The Tech Man Has Spoken....
The Tech Man Has Spoken....