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3CRWER200-75 PPPoE troubles

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3CRWER200-75 PPPoE troubles

Hi, i am using 3CRWER200-75 wireless router. And i am unable to connect router to my ISP.

Roter needs some Connect button, like D-Link has http://help.fregat.com/sites/default/files/router4.jpg

How can i connect PPPoE?


Also i have installed a new FW and i got a trouble with wep connections - 64bit wep connections never accept passwords - i have tryed to make different passwords, to make different setting. I made exactly same setting like befoure upgrade (i photoed them and put in manually) i use hex password, but even ASCII does not work.

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Re: 3CRWER200-75 PPPoE troubles

Only after THIRD!!! Default settings reboot both bugs disappeared!

And it still suxx that there is no Connect And Disconnect button, like d-link has!