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3CRWER200-75 change ip/subnet

Occasional Collector

3CRWER200-75 change ip/subnet



I have had very good experiences with my 3Com OfficeConnect 3CRWER200-75 router. Now I need to change the IP-address and subnet in the router, to move from to another subnet, to avoid a collision with a new router/modem from my ISP.


I am on the latest firmware 1.4 something.


I try to change the IP, and it seems to stick in the web interface, but when I restart it (by cycling power) it is always back to and that subnet. And when I try to reboot from inside the web interface, the changes seem to stick, in the pages there, but I can't see that clients get addresses in that subnet, and I still access the router at


Any tips on how to solve this... ?