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3CRWER300-73 and VPN

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3CRWER300-73 and VPN

What value should I put in

Remote Network Setting to successfully establish connection with PPTP server on 3CRWER300-73?

I've enabled PPTP, created VPN connection and could not connect with 3CRWER300-73 PPTP server :-(

My computer said that there is no response from PPTP server...

My logs from router are:

2009.10.13 13:01:17 If(13) PPP Dial timeout :< 100001

2009.10.13 13:00:19 212.191.**.** destroy tunnel successfully

2009.10.13 13:00:19 user1971 logout Line 1 of PPTP Server from 212.191.**.** successfully

2009.10.13 12:59:38 PPTP server (if#13) start PPP

2009.10.13 12:59:38 creates tunnel successfully