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3CRWER300-73 sporadical DHCP failure

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3CRWER300-73 sporadical DHCP failure

Hi all,

I have some problems with DHCP in my little WLAN with 2 Notebooks, Printer a.s.o.

Sometimes the connection fails when trying to get a lease from the Router. restarting the router and/or Notebooks has no effect, only take some cable, walk to the router disable DHCP and afterwars enable.

Then it works fine for some days until the game starts over.. I tried some different lease times, but without any impact.

So it thougt, why using DHCP, and changed to manually IP`s on both Notebooks.(runs only when DHCP-Server service is disabled..??)

After that, a was not able to communicate between the two stations. Even Pinging the IP didn`t work! (connection to Router and Internet was no Problem)

For connecting the LAN-Printer i had to add a route manually on both Notebooks in the routing table....  So what should i do with this new "bling-bling" device?

The Router has newest firmware: 1.11.01 (5 Aug 2009 16:50:48)

The two Notebooks are both HP`s but wiht different WLAN devices and also newest drivers

With my old 3Com WLAN-Router i never had any problems, so i must be that thing

OS is WinXP pro.

The sytem clock also drifts by a few seconds (tried several Time Servers..) althought 3Com Support wrote in Solution ID - 3KB24581 that it`s fixed.. ok only seconds, not minutes, but its a bug!

Many thanks for any help, warenty expired one month ago..as allways


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Re: 3CRWER300-73 sporadical DHCP failure

Hi Bruno,

Try changing your Wireless Encryption settings, such as WPA only instead of WPA + WPA2 etc...

Does it work without encryption ? Does anything else work ? 

Also, do you have the latest drivers on your WI-FI Nics ? Printer firmware is up to date ?

Hope these pointers help.


The Tech Man Has Spoken....
The Tech Man Has Spoken....
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Re: 3CRWER300-73 sporadical DHCP failure

Hi Techno,

Thanks for responding. I have allready only WPA because of the WLAN Printserver doesn`t support more.

Both nic`s are up to date.

With the old Router and same nics this failure never occours.

any other succestions?

thx Bruno

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Re: 3CRWER300-73 sporadical DHCP failure

for all other desperate 3Com users..: Resetting the Router and reconfigure fixed the Problem.