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3Com-3CRWER10075 - UPNP problems

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3Com-3CRWER10075 - UPNP problems

Any help would be appreciated.

I just upgraded from 3CRWE554G72TU to 3CRWER100-73 about 2 months ago and all was well with the old router and even the new one.

I am familiar with 3Com products and have been pleased with the 3CRWE554G72TU's performance as well as the new 11n router 3CRWER100-73

The product works fine and all is good... except when playing any online gaming via PS3.

you can say I play ModernWarfare 2 a lot.

** I have enabled UPNP on the router to provide a better gaming experience.

Problem: UPNP functionality is inconsistent.

What I do to get it to work:  When I enable/disable the UPNP feature on the 3CRWER100-73 ... I am able to get an OPEN connection on the ps3 or a TYPE 2 connection.

** By enabling/disabling I mean two things:

1) Reset the router OR

2) uncheck upnp box -> Apply settings then check upnp box and then apply settings again.

* In both cases I can get UPNP working as soon as I do both these things, BUT if I disconnect the client device ( in this case the ps3 ) it shows that the UPNP feature is disabled and resulting in a TYPE 3 or STRICT connection to the game/sytem.

* I have upgraded to latest firmware version of the device and reset to factory before its use.

** Apparently the new firmware addressed an UPNP issue, but it still persists.

Enabling DMZ is NOT an option for me.

Adding virtual servers for each client device is also an unnecessary task.

* The UPNP feature should work regardless of when I use the client device ( PS3 )

Any help would be appreciatd.

* I really don't want to go back to my 3CRWE554G72TU

- Thanks