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3Com router blocking VPN connection

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3Com router blocking VPN connection

Hi there, can someone help me solve a problem.   I have  a 3Com wireless router (Type OfficeConnect Wireless 54Mbps/108 Mbs 11g Cable/DSL Router),   My problem is that I have recently acquired a VPN connection which is being blocked by the 3Com router.   I know this is the case because if I drop out the router and connect my computer to the modem supplied to me by my ISP using an ethernet cable, I can establish a connection without a problem.   Once the 3Com router is in the chain, the connection is blocked.

I have spoken to the ISP provider, and to the VPN support staff, and they advise me that for the router to accept the VPN connection "port 1723 has to be open and GRE47 protocol has to be running".   Can someone tell me how to achieve this condition (in simple terms please!) without mucking up my router.

Thanks in anticipation, Alun


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Re: 3Com router blocking VPN connection

You can configure these on  Virtual Servers.

You need to also make sur ethat your PC has the sanme IP on the network all the time, so, USe Static DHCP (found in LAN options) or maually set your IP on your PC.


Hope this helps

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