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3crwer300-73 can't install updates

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3crwer300-73 can't install updates

Hi - I downloaded the two updates found in the forum as .exe files, but when I download them to my desktop, I can't figure out what they do or how to install them to change my router.   My wireless keeps dropping and the wireless basically doesn't work any longer.  I can have it to a hard wire, but the wireless is useless.  i'm hoping these downloads help. but i'm an IT rookie and can't figure out how to update my router with the two new .exe files.




Re: 3crwer300-73 can't install updates


all you need is only one .exe (or .zip) file, e.g. the compressed archive containing latest firmware.

Extract its content in an empty directory, then (using a PC with a WIRED connection to the router)

launch Internet Explorer, go to the address (the default address of the device, if you haven't changed it),

insert the default password to login, then go to "System tools" menu and then "Upgrade" tab.

Use the "Browse" button to locate the .bin file you've extracted in the first step, and then press

the "Upgrade" BUTTON.

Maybe, after the upgrade, you'll have to reset the device to the default (factory) settings

("System tools" menu, "Configuration" tab, then "RESET" button)...

Hoping this help