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3rd party wireless passing through MSM760

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3rd party wireless passing through MSM760



We have an exisiting Wireless Infra for Public use (free).  We just want to put the MSM760 for its public access features, portal and ads.


Our existing wireless sits on VLAN80. 


I did not touch the default VSC and created a new one.  With ingress vlan 80 mapped to the Lan port.


During testing, it only allows the wired clients to passthrough the MSM760.  The wireless client can't get through.


Please point me to what i am missing.


Thanks in advance.



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Re: 3rd party wireless passing through MSM760

ok, i got this working.  we are using only the free access option.


another issue faced is on smartphone.   


if user cancels the login page  example closing it.  the login page would no longer show again.  this is observed on Android. 


have not yet tested on apple phone and tabs.


no problem on Windows OS.