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765 teaming control access + html authentification


765 teaming control access + html authentification

Hi everyone, 


I'm uprading my 760 to 765 with another 765 teaming.  Each SSID have control access with authentification HTML, the default gateway from my DHCP server is the  ip controller lan with the same ip for the  DNS.   I would like to keep it this way with the upgrade 765. When I use the teaming with both 765, everything is working very well but if I turned off the first controller we have a problem.  Each client is trying to reach the default gateway from the first controller but this controller is turned off.  How to fix this ?    Is this a limitation of the teaming with control access ?  How to keep my original config with this feature on the 4 SSID (HTML authentification + control access) ?


This is my config : 

On 760, we have external DHCP on the LAN with default gateway and DNS (the controller lan ip ).   The internet port is tagged with 4 VLAN.  Each SSID have HTML authentification and control access. 



On 765, I have the same configuration except we use teaming and I put on DHCP option from DNS (both controllers lan ip) but we can enter just one gateway.  


Please let me know if somebody have some explanations if I have failover controller. 


Re: 765 teaming control access + html authentification

Hello everyone, 


Can somebody confirms that control access failover is not supported with teaming ?  Also, could  you confirms if my system will working good if I'm using my gateway IP controller manager on the DHCP option on teaming ?  My DNS is both IP controllers.  (if the controller manager is going down the result is : all client wifi also is going down because the failover is not supported for access-controller. ) 2 options appeared if the ip local manager gateway goes down :


 Can somebody confirms this: 


1- change the default gateway on the dhcp from ip manager controller to the second manager


2- change the ip local for the second controller if the manager controller is dead..




Following are the features that are not supported when MSM Controller Teaming is enabled:

  • No failover for access-controlled or Layer 3

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Re: 765 teaming control access + html authentification

Basically both should work, but it's (to me) way too cumbersome way to configure things.


Because you can't use the internal DHCP server in teaming situation, you shouldn't configure the clients to use the controllers as DGW either. You should use the next-hop router. If you're using an Access-Controlled VSC, the client traffic will be routed from the controller to either your configured VLAN, or if you're egressing to "default" it will be routed according to the team's routing table.


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