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765zl self restart

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765zl self restart

Does or has anyone else seen issue where your controller will cold restart itself out of the blue?  We monitor all of our Procurve equipment with PCM+ and this past week we've seen our controller cold restart three times for no reason that we have setup.  All of them have occured between 2:00-3:00am, however we've not setup any auto installs or reboots anywhere.


I'm wondering if there are thesholds somewhere that cause this and if so, where are they?

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Re: 765zl self restart

What version firmware code??


Look for my posts further down on this forum regarding restarts.

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MSM 5.7.x deployment guide:

Re: 765zl self restart

I have got 12 MSM 760 CONTROLLERS in various sites I had the same problem but now has been solve

1) When you are upgrading the firmware version you have to do step by step
Say you are running 5.3.3 you can’t straight way to upgrade to 5.7.0
In between you have got 5.5.4 ….. versions . you have to go in the version order to upgrade.

2) When you take an backup of your controller on 5.3.3 you can’t restore it to 5.7.0 this will also cause your controller to restart when I did it was re booting every 15 to 21 minutes (hp tech support won’t admit this) .but when I reconfigure the MSM 760 from the scratch with new firmware I didn’t have any problem it stopped rebooting.