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802.11x Using AD


802.11x Using AD

I have spent about a week trying to configure what I thought would be relatively straight forward but I seem to be getting the same error over and over again.


When I try to connect a wireless windows 7 client to a VSC that is configured using AD authentication I get the following error pop up in the system log of the controller.


debug radiusd E:internal authorization attributes are missing.


I have configured AD authentication on the controller with the relevant security group which exactly matches the AD security group (containing user).

The user also has the Allow Access attribute is enabled on the Dial-in TAB under the user object and the controller has also successfully connected to the domain.


Are there any other attributes that I am missing??


Oh I’m using Windows 2008 R2, which I believe was a compatability issue with older firmware but 5.5 and above should have resolved these problems.


I have exshaulsted all manuals and help guides to get 802.11x up and running using AD but I cant locate anything relating to this issue.


If you have any ideas what could be any causing this annoying error any help would be much appreciated.


Thanks again