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802.1x between AP and Switch

Martin Saini
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802.1x between AP and Switch


for security reasons i have configured 802.1x(peap v0 with freeradius) between the AccessPoints (MSM310-R) and the Switches (2510-24).
Actually everything was working fine and stable until i moved an AP from one Controlled AP Group to another. no mather if the 802.1x configuration of the AP is inherited or typed in manually - it is not working anymore. even if you move one AP back to the "working" group - no effekt. no info about any attempt either on the switch nor on the radius server.

The AP also is trying to get an IP adress untagged - which also should not happen in my setup, my provisioning profile tells the APs to operate on a tagged VLAN.

After 2 nights of configuration i really think it seems to be a bug.

versions are: MSM760 Firmware on the MSM310
50-00-1008-02-B Hardware Revision
Boot 3.6

maybe someone has same behavior and/or ideas?




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Martin Saini
Occasional Contributor

Re: 802.1x between AP and Switch

ps: i would really like this to work, because on about 290 ports in "unsecure" area this would be the only 2 open ports to the the employee Lan :) maybe someone finds them :)